We’ve put together 10 perfect bohemian looks for the festival season with out Kilim boots

10 Perfect Looks for the Festival Season

It’s summer and you know what that means… Festival season is upon us! Our boho, vintage kilim boots are the perfect accessory to bring along to rock out with your favorite bands and dance the night away. Whether you’re wearing the Lee Ann’s or the Inez’s. You’re going to look amazing in our buttery soft … Continue reading “10 Perfect Looks for the Festival Season”

KINDRED SPIRITS // Perfect winter footwear – our warm Lammy boots!

Ready or not, winter is here again. It’s such a vibrant time of year full of contrast, color and a little bit of magic if you know where to look. The crisp chill in the air heightens the senses, the levels of creativity, and comes to life with a current of underlying excitement for coming … Continue reading “KINDRED SPIRITS // Perfect winter footwear – our warm Lammy boots!”

TRAVEL // South Africa – Hiking In Hogsback, A Place For Free Spirits

Hogsback in South Africa is a truly magical place. I find myself within a forest scene of the Lord of The Rings and I just don’t know why, but there is a tangible sense of otherworldliness in the air.

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KINDRED SPIRITS // Our Original Kiboots – Lee Ann Kilim Boots Inspiration

Hello beautiful kindred spirits. Here is a little inspiration of our original Kiboots – say hello to the Lee Ann Kilim boots. Go ahead, buy a pair of these bohemian boots online and fall in love too.

Lyon Vintage Lovers

TRAVEL // Lyon, France – Heaven For Vintage Lovers & Why Everyone Should Buy Vintage

Last weekend I visited my lovely French cousin Loriane in Lyon for the first time. I didn’t know much about this French city, so it was all a big surprise. Turned out it was a good one; it’s heaven for vintage lovers like myself and I found a perfect piece!

vivian living in bali yoga teacher

MIND // Vivian, a Dutch Yoga Teacher In Bali: How Living in Bali Changed Me

I am living in Bali for two years now. Bali changed me. I found myself. I feel calm. Another big change is my point of view of a lot of things. I finally feel myself, although it took me a long time before I dared to start teaching yoga…

Laura Coolen kindred spirits

MEET THE STORYTELLER // Laura Is A Full Time Travel Blogger & Always Chasing Dreams

Laura is a free spirit who turned her dreams into her job. She lived abroad for a few times and now she travels the world for a living. She wants to inspire others to do the same: discover. In any way. Catch your own dreams!

kindred spirits

KINDRED SPIRITS // Our Festival Season 2017 – Where Do We Meet You?

Yay for the festival season! Our tribe brings Kindred Spirits towards some amazing Dutch and Belgium festivals in 2017. Come say hello!


Food // Israelic Shakshuka – Eggs in Tomato Sauce

I made Shakshuka back at home after a trip to this beautiful country and in my head I was back in Isreal. A must eat, for sure. You can eat this dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Enjoy!

spitzkoppe campsite namibia

TRAVEL // Hotspot – Spitzkoppe Campsite, The Most Beautiful Campsite In Namibia

When the stars appear above this mountain oasis in the Namib desert I hold my breath and I think to myself, this is how it feels to be free. Spitzkoppe Campsite in Namibia is an amazing place to camp.

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