hogsback travel south africa

TRAVEL // South Africa – Hiking In Hogsback, A Place For Free Spirits

Hogsback in South Africa is a truly magical place. I find myself within a forest scene of the Lord of The Rings and I just don’t know why, but there is a tangible sense of otherworldliness in the air.


TRAVEL // Hotspot: Riad Tizwa, Marrakech – More To Explore

We thought we knew the whole souk and medina of Marrakech by now but I guess there is always “more to explore” wherever you go. Riad Tizwa stole a little part of our hearts!

Lyon Vintage Lovers

TRAVEL // Lyon, France – Heaven For Vintage Lovers & Why Everyone Should Buy Vintage

Last weekend I visited my lovely French cousin Loriane in Lyon for the first time. I didn’t know much about this French city, so it was all a big surprise. Turned out it was a good one; it’s heaven for vintage lovers like myself and I found a perfect piece!

spitzkoppe campsite namibia

TRAVEL // Hotspot – Spitzkoppe Campsite, The Most Beautiful Campsite In Namibia

When the stars appear above this mountain oasis in the Namib desert I hold my breath and I think to myself, this is how it feels to be free. Spitzkoppe Campsite in Namibia is an amazing place to camp.

around the world in 5 minutes

TRAVEL // Travel Around The World In 5 Minutes

We stumbled upon a beautiful movie of photographer Kien Lam. Kien Lam is a great photographer who travels all over the world. It’s not a typical travel movie with picture perfect scenes… But it makes you want to travel the world for sure. We love it!

TRAVEL // Hotspot – Riad Le Rihani, Marrakech: Real Beauty Is Hidden Behind

Riad Le Rihani is definitely the kind of place where you want to stay when visiting Marrakech! When Cecile and her husband laid eyes on this place it was love on first sight. And we can understand why…

tour life all the kings daughters

INSPIRATION // Travel Tales & Tour Life of ATKD – Part One

We are Nina and Laura from the band ATKD and we love to share some travel tales about our tour life. Last year we went on a tour through the south of Italy and did 14 shows in 16 days…


TRAVEL // Hotspot – Raggamuffin: unique 3 day island hopping adventure in Belize

Imaginecatamaran, the sun, a cool group of travelers and crazy crew, beautiful blue water, dolphins, endless glasses of rum punch, camping on deserted islands… The Raggamuffin Tour in Belize is such an unforgettable adventure!

finnish lapland

TRAVEL // Finnish Lapland – An Ode To Nature

I’m touched by the way Lappish people respect nature. The water, the land, the forests and the animals are companions. It’s amazing how all creatures can live in harmony. Living here must be healing.


TRAVEL // 3 Lovely Espresso Bars in Amsterdam Recommended by De Koffiefilters

Hi, we are Richt & Regina! We are the strength behind the Dutch concept De Koffiefilters. Today we will share our top 3 favourite coffee bars in Amsterdam with you!

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