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marokko kiboots kindred spirits

KINDRED SPIRITS // Where It All Started – From a pair of kilim boots in Morocco to Kiboots to Kindred Spirits

We would love to introduce you in the first steps of our story, a path that we started and we did never expect to be this long and inspiring – from Morocco to Kiboots to Kindred Spirits.

Laura Coolen kindred spirits

MEET THE STORYTELLER // Laura Is A Full Time Travel Blogger & Always Chasing Dreams

Laura is a free spirit who turned her dreams into her job. She lived abroad for a few times and now she travels the world for a living. She wants to inspire others to do the same: discover. In any way. Catch your own dreams!

MEET THE FOUNDERS // Kindred Spirits Jovanna & Martijn

Here we are! The kick off for our very own #TheKindreds community of dreamers, life lovers and free spirits. We can not even start to explain how proud we are that we are able to launch our own platform and hope you are as excited as we are.

KINDRED SPIRITS // Our Philosophy

Directing your own life script may take some courage, but it’s the only way to realize a dream. And we did. During our journey we are looking for inspiration; everyday, by everybody, from everywhere. Meet Kindred Spirits.

WELCOME // Let us introduce – The Kindreds Stories

We are extremely happy to welcome you at our #TheKindreds Stories online magazine. Hello YOU! Let us first introduce ourselves a bit.

The Kindreds Stories - your daily dose of life inspiration