INSPIRATION // interior – how to make your place feel like home

Even though we love to travel, explore the world and take on new adventures, but when home, nothing beats a personalized place you feel great in. Especially during these cold winter days. At Kindreds, we love taking accessoires and cool stuff from abroad back home. It reminds us of the roads we traveled and the … Continue reading “INSPIRATION // interior – how to make your place feel like home”

INSPIRATION // winter look – mix & match our Lammy boots

Our Lammy boots lined with ultra soft faux lamb are a must-have for the winter. Made of premium leather and vintage Kilim rugs, the colorful designs will surely brighten up these cold and grey winter days. Check some inspiring Lammy looks and let your creativity flow… The handmade leather ankle variant of our Kiboots collection … Continue reading “INSPIRATION // winter look – mix & match our Lammy boots”

INSPIRATION // Get Kindred proof by Styled by Sabine

Written by: Styled by Sabine Kindred Spirits remains one of my favorite stores. I have been a fan of these boots with Kilim carpet for years, but the rugs also blend in perfectly with my style. With the holidays coming up, Kindred Spirits offers a very nice December special: you will receive a free rug … Continue reading “INSPIRATION // Get Kindred proof by Styled by Sabine”

FOOD // Recipe – Healthy Ice Popsicles Of Mango, Strawberries And Orange Juice

Summer is here! These mango ice popsicles taste SO good during a hot summer day, especially in combination with multiple types of fruit and a drizzle of honey. ENJOY.

Lyon Vintage Lovers

TRAVEL // Lyon, France – Heaven For Vintage Lovers & Why Everyone Should Buy Vintage

Last weekend I visited my lovely French cousin Loriane in Lyon for the first time. I didn’t know much about this French city, so it was all a big surprise. Turned out it was a good one; it’s heaven for vintage lovers like myself and I found a perfect piece!

music monday

MUSIC // Music Monday IV

Music is a language, and as we love to tell you a story – so listen to our five favorite songs of the week.


Food // Israelic Shakshuka – Eggs in Tomato Sauce

I made Shakshuka back at home after a trip to this beautiful country and in my head I was back in Isreal. A must eat, for sure. You can eat this dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Enjoy!

severn suzuki

INSPIRATION // 13-Year Old Severn Suzuki Speaks At United Nations Meeting

The 13-year old Canadian girl Severn Suzuki calls at a meeting of the United Nations for the future of her generation. She translates the feelings and thoughts of 99% of the world’s population. This was in 1992. Don’t you think that makes the story even more impressive?

Healthy Mexican Wrap

FOOD // Healthy Mexican Wraps

Yay for healthy lunches! I love international food and especially Mexican wraps taste so good. Today I share my recipe of a healthy Mexican wrap that is ideal eat for lunch. Yummm!

FOOD // De Koffiefilters – How To Make Your Own Coffee Syrup

Hi, we are Richt & Regina! We are the strength behind the Dutch concept De Koffiefilters. Today we will share our secret recipe of how to make your own coffee syrup with you. Don’t tell anyone!

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