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INSPIRATION // Get Kindred proof by Styled by Sabine

Written by: Styled by Sabine Kindred Spirits remains one of my favorite stores. I have been a fan of these boots with Kilim carpet for years, but the rugs also blend in perfectly with my style. With the holidays coming up, Kindred Spirits offers a very nice December special: you will receive a free rug … Continue reading “INSPIRATION // Get Kindred proof by Styled by Sabine”

severn suzuki

INSPIRATION // 13-Year Old Severn Suzuki Speaks At United Nations Meeting

The 13-year old Canadian girl Severn Suzuki calls at a meeting of the United Nations for the future of her generation. She translates the feelings and thoughts of 99% of the world’s population. This was in 1992. Don’t you think that makes the story even more impressive?

MEET THE STORYTELLER // Meet Adventurous Neon, Born And Raised in Africa

Hi Kindred Spirits, I am Neon. One of my earliest childhood memories is about that time me and my younger brother got chased by an elephant in the Kaokoveld.

Leonor living in Berlin

MEET THE STORYTELLER // Leonor Feels Right At Home In Creative Berlin

Hi Kindred Spirits, my name is Leonor – I’m from Amsterdam; ending up living in Berlin for a while now. I’m happy to share some of my observations and inspiring moments with you!

INSPIRATION // Paulo Coelho – “Let everything be different, although it remains the same”

I want to see everything and everyone like I see them for the first time – especially the little things, to which I’m used to, and of which I have forgotten the magic that surrounds them…

MEET THE STORYTELLER // De Koffiefilters share coffee in the broadest sense of the word

Stay tuned as we will share the best coffee spots, the best coffee beans, the most beautiful coffee makers, designer crockery and delicious coffee recipes!

kindred spirits jos vanessa

MEET THE STORYTELLER / Jos & Vanessa travel the world with little Lou

Hello Kindred Spirits! Let’s meet. We are Jos, Vanessa & Lou. We love to travel. We love people. Beautiful nature. Life, and all the beauty she offers. We are dreamers. Life lovers. We are blessed!

MEET THE STORYTELLER // The Traveling Foodie Anouk

My name is Anouk, a 26-year young online content marketer and foodie by heart. I’m a dreamer by day and night and always on the search for lovely hidden gems far away and nearby. I love to spend my time in the kitchen!

All The Kings Daughters

MEET THE STORYTELLER // All The Kings Daughters – Nina & Laura

Hello kindred spirits of the world! We’re Nina and Laura Philips from the band All The Kings Daughters and we’re here to tell you some stories about the life of a musician.

Bali Vivian

MEET THE STORYTELLER // Vivian – A Yogi Living in Bali

Hi Kindred Spirits! My name is Vivian. I can’t wait to go on this new adventure and join #TheKindreds tribe. I am a yoga teacher living in Bali.

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