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MEET THE STORYTELLER // Leonor Feels Right At Home In Creative Berlin

  •  15/5/2017
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Leonor living in Berlin
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Hi Kindred Spirits, my name is Leonor – I’m from Amsterdam; ending up living in Berlin for a while now. I’m half German, which was one of the reasons I felt attracted to do my internship for communication science (Bsc. ‘11) in Berlin, and stayed there for another two years.

I was working in a creative agency for 1.5 years; doing trend + consumer research & developing concepts for fashion / lifestyle brands. This was a great experience, but I felt that I wanted to ‘work more with my hands’. I moved back to Amsterdam for another 2 years, where I pursued a degree in fashion styling at the Artemis Academy. Somehow, I wasn’t ‘done’ with Berlin, yet – and I wanted to move back there. I did it! I jumped back. It felt as the right thing to do, but it wasn’t easy. I started from scratch again. I renovated a double room apartment, beside my freelance work in the fashion industry, in which I was fighting to earn enough money from month to month…. but I liked it. it worked out somehow- and I’m still alive and kicking. Now I’m finally on a point where I have some breathing space to redefine where I stand for.

Why Berlin?

Well, I have to admit, that it’s hard sometimes that my closest friends and family are living in Amsterdam. But Berlin is like fertile soil in which I can maximize my fantasy. The city is still ‘un – finished,’ which gives a lot of space to fill in your own inspiration or interpretation. In my daily life, I developed a kind of passion to be be inspired by everything that happens around me. I’m interested in places, people and situations that are contrasting and tell a story together. Walking through the city without a destination, or taking the metro and observe people… brings me in a kind of ‘dreamy state of mind’. This fascination can also be translated into my work, in which I’m always searching for a particular esthetic in shapes, colors, compositions or materials that tell a story together for a new concept.

Sustainable brands

I’m more and more focussing on the sustainability aspect in the creative & – fashion industry. Meaning, I prefer to work for clients that need a sustainable communication strategy, brand concept or campaign to be developed… and I think there is a lot of work to be done, still 😉 !! My new website will be launched in one month.

I’m happy to share some of my observations and inspiring moments with you, soon.
Cheers, Leonor

ME / A serious mirror shot, with some vintage clothing in the background that I used for the shoots I was doing, last week.
Leonor living in Berlin

TEMPELHOFERFELD / This is one of my favorite places in Berlin: I’m living at the south side and love to walk to the north (Neukölln), which is 2 kilometers and takes 20 minutes. Perfect start into the day.
tempelhof berlin

LOWLANDS / Love going to festivals ! This was during the Kindred Spirits launch at Lowlands, last summer ‘16!
kindred spirits berlin leonor

FIRST CAMERA / My analog camera is a Nikkormat, which I bought in 2009 from my neighbour who used it until then as a journalism work camera. He started to teach me in photography; with the 50mm / F1.4 lens you can do amazing things. This camera turned out to be my biggest treasure I carry with me, ever since.
kindred spirit Leonor

WORK EXAMPLE / Concept & Direction

“Elements” for a sustainable lingerie label from Berlin, called Anekdot boutique.
work leonor berlin

Author: Leonor

Leonor is a Dutch creative working as an Art Director, in which she combines her passion for photography & styling. She lives in Berlin and loves to share observations and inspiring moment about her life. Sometimes, you don’t have to travel far away, in order to open your eyes. By changing the way you look into the world; you’ll discover new things everywhere!

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