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KINDRED SPIRITS // Perfect winter footwear – our warm Lammy boots!

Ready or not, winter is here again. It’s such a vibrant time of year full of contrast, color and a little bit of magic if you know where to look. The crisp chill in the air heightens the senses, the levels of creativity, and comes to life with a current of underlying excitement for coming … Continue reading “KINDRED SPIRITS // Perfect winter footwear – our warm Lammy boots!”

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KINDRED SPIRITS // Our Original Kiboots – Lee Ann Kilim Boots Inspiration

Hello beautiful kindred spirits. Here is a little inspiration of our original Kiboots – say hello to the Lee Ann Kilim boots. Go ahead, buy a pair of these bohemian boots online and fall in love too.

Lyon Vintage Lovers

TRAVEL // Lyon, France – Heaven For Vintage Lovers & Why Everyone Should Buy Vintage

Last weekend I visited my lovely French cousin Loriane in Lyon for the first time. I didn’t know much about this French city, so it was all a big surprise. Turned out it was a good one; it’s heaven for vintage lovers like myself and I found a perfect piece!

marokko kiboots kindred spirits

KINDRED SPIRITS // Where It All Started – From a pair of kilim boots in Morocco to Kiboots to Kindred Spirits

We would love to introduce you in the first steps of our story, a path that we started and we did never expect to be this long and inspiring – from Morocco to Kiboots to Kindred Spirits.

Leonor living in Berlin

MEET THE STORYTELLER // Leonor Feels Right At Home In Creative Berlin

Hi Kindred Spirits, my name is Leonor – I’m from Amsterdam; ending up living in Berlin for a while now. I’m happy to share some of my observations and inspiring moments with you!

KINDRED SPRIRITS // Introducing Our Beautiful Roll Top Bags

The latest addition to our bag collection is this pretty kilim roll top bag! Our bohemian style roll top backpacks are perfect for everyday use. Whether you’re on your way to school, work or during a day trip on your travels; this backpack has got you covered!