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Romantic Bohemian Paris Getaway

Paris Getaways in Our Vintage Kilim Rug Boots

Ahhh, a sunny day strolling through the beautiful city of Paris. What’s better than experiencing the sights, smells and delicious foods this city has to offer? The fashion! You’ll look gorgeous strutting the streets in our beautiful vintage kilim rug Jimi boots! Our Jimi’s are handmade with the softest, premium leather and of course our … Continue reading “Paris Getaways in Our Vintage Kilim Rug Boots”

Camping with your kilim accessories

Fireside Story Time With Your Kilim Accessories

Camping in Comfort and Style Love camping but sometimes miss the comforts of your home? Boy, do we have a solution for you! Try bringing along one of our stunning kilim rugs! Our beautiful rugs are reversible and come in a ton of different sizes and designs, featuring our bohemian cotton kilim motifs! Bring along … Continue reading “Fireside Story Time With Your Kilim Accessories”

Cozy, chic spaces with kilim rugs

Cozy, Boho Chic Spaces with The Kindreds Kilim Rugs

Have you ever been in a room and just felt like something was missing? A wide open, beautiful space and you felt like it needed something…that something is one of our uniquely patterned kilim rugs! Made of 100% cotton and coming in a ton of sizes and beautiful patterns, our rugs are perfect for any … Continue reading “Cozy, Boho Chic Spaces with The Kindreds Kilim Rugs”

Boho looks for the summer in our kilim boots

Beautiful Bohemian Looks for the Summer

It’s our favorite time of the year over here at The Kindreds; summertime! What can be more fun than kicking back, (in our amazing boots) relaxing in the warm sun and heading out on anamazingly fun adventure? Nothing! Whether you’re heading out to work for the day, traveling to Peru on an epic two week … Continue reading “Beautiful Bohemian Looks for the Summer”

Festival looks featuring The Kindreds

Looking Hot This Festival Season with The Kindreds!

Flowers in Our Hair April showers are certainly bringing May flowers and we’re excited to put them in our hair and dance around like we just don’t care because it’s festival season! Long, hot days call for the perfect ‘fits to keep you cool while you’re heating up the dance floor or rocking out to … Continue reading “Looking Hot This Festival Season with The Kindreds!”

Impeccable Interiors featuring our kilim rugs

Impeccable Interiors with the Perfect Kilim Rugs

Your home is your safe haven; super cozy, warm, inviting and your favorite place to be. But, it’s missing one little thing…one of our reversible kilim motif rugs! Our gorgeous handmade rugs come in a ton of different sizes and beautiful, mesmerizing patterns in so many unique and bold colors. Place one in your bedroom … Continue reading “Impeccable Interiors with the Perfect Kilim Rugs”

The perfect kilim rug for any area

The Perfect Vintage Kilim Rug for Any Area

Do you love the uniqueness of life and often translate that into your home decor? That “one-of-a-kind boho look” that is oftentimes unconventional but somehow it fits and it always looks amazing? Well then we have the best accessory for you to add into your home immediately; one of our brilliantly patterned, vintage style kilim … Continue reading “The Perfect Vintage Kilim Rug for Any Area”

Laura Coolen kindred spirits

MEET THE STORYTELLER // Laura Is A Full Time Travel Blogger & Always Chasing Dreams

Laura is a free spirit who turned her dreams into her job. She lived abroad for a few times and now she travels the world for a living. She wants to inspire others to do the same: discover. In any way. Catch your own dreams!

MEET THE STORYTELLER // Meet Adventurous Neon, Born And Raised in Africa

Hi Kindred Spirits, I am Neon. One of my earliest childhood memories is about that time me and my younger brother got chased by an elephant in the Kaokoveld.

Leonor living in Berlin

MEET THE STORYTELLER // Leonor Feels Right At Home In Creative Berlin

Hi Kindred Spirits, my name is Leonor – I’m from Amsterdam; ending up living in Berlin for a while now. I’m happy to share some of my observations and inspiring moments with you!