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MEET THE STORYTELLER // Vivian – A Yogi Living in Bali

  •  27/3/2017
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Bali Vivian
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Hi Kindred Spirits! My name is Vivian. I can’t wait to go on this new adventure and join #TheKindreds tribe. Why do I want to share my stories? Because I love to share stories about my life in Bali with the rest of the world. It’s too good not to tell!


Around 2,5 years ago I went on a holiday to this beautiful island and it was love at first sight. The relaxed culture, the impressive surroundings and the feel-good vibe out there on this island are amazing. Once back in Netherlands I soon decided to go back to Bali again, to try and live here for about 6 months. This felt so good that I’ve gone back to Netherlands, sold my house and stuff and decided to live in Bali for the rest of my life.

Bali Vivian

Yoga Teacher

I’ve changed my hobby into my job – I am a yoga teacher! If there is one place in the world where yoga is practiced a lot then it is spiritual Bali. Every day I continue to learn and develop myself in yoga, but as well in deciding to follow my heart and go on this journey by myself.

Even after 2.5 years there is still much to discover in Bali. Every week I explore secret beaches, waterfalls and other amazing places. In my stories I will tell you all about my life as a yoga teacher here and how it has changed me. As well, I would love to share my favorite hotspots in Bali and about living on the other side of the ocean. Because believe me, this sometimes results in the most hilarious situations. A culture that is so at odds with the level-headed, down to earth Dutch culture where everything is organized… It’s some story. I’m excited to take you along and who knows, we might see each other and drink a coconut together if you are planning on visiting the island.

Bali Vivian

Author: Vivian

Vivian is a Dutch yogi living on the beautiful island of Bali. She loves to share stories about her life in Bali with the rest of the world. It’s too good not to tell!

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