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MIND // The Essence Of Me-Time

  •  25/4/2017
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Creativity and self-expression generate happiness. Schedule some creative time each day, even if it’s just a few minutes of writing, painting or so ever.

I just need more hours in a day… Sometimes I feel like I turn on autopilot. Do you recognize that? If you encounter stress there is a chance that you forget the most important person in your life: yourself. Life turns to a habit before you even realize it, and that is not what it’s intended to be.


That is when I take a moment for myself. Me-time. Like today. I read a good book, I practice yoga, I watch Netflix all day, I take a walk and just take the time to think about what I want and how I’m going to tackle all elephants in the room. And then I get inspired and start writing. Me-time is the time that you have to take for just you. It’s the time you take to escape the pressures of everyday life, to get yourself back together.

We all want to see our loved ones happy, keep our boss satisfied, bond with your family, have all our finances in order and then there is the household AND your social life. Believe me, no one can give 100% when they are tired, exhausted and overwhelmed. It is therefore necessary to take time for yourself. You can’t make others happy if you’re not happy. A moment for yourself recharges your battery and allows you to focus on what really matters. I need to feel calm and I am better able to deal with the daily bumps on the road of life when I’m centered. I can give more to others.

You’re worth it

Have you ever noticed the fact when you smile to a stranger, their face lights up in a smile as well? People seem to respond to someone who is genuinely happy, and to make you really happy you have to take time for yourself and your own thoughts. There are so many things you can do for yourself every day to let you feel you a little happier and calmer. Enjoy a cup of coffee and the newspaper in the morning before everyone wakes up. Practice yoga to improve your strength, flexibility and mental focus. Take a walk outside during lunch or go to the spa. Take the time to listen to music that touches you. Meditate while gardening. Take a bath. Play with your pet. Treat yourself once a month with something special. For example, take a massage or pedicure. Now if you always think ‘no, I really have no money or time for that sort of thing’ … Do it anyway. Realize that this is an investment in yourself. You’re worth it!

So yes, I will take a walk in the forest now and enjoy a beautiful sunset. There is a sunrise and a sunset every day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss too many of them!

Author: Laura Coolen

Laura is a storyteller, passionate earthling, travel writer & free spirit. She is founder of The Boho Guide and travel blog What About Her, fascinated by mountains and always on the road for adventure. She loves cats, dresses, tattoos, wine and everything bohemian. Find her where the wild things are…

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