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MIND // Did anyone ever tell you…

  •  24/3/2017
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Did anyone ever tell you…

That you totally good enough?
That you are living beautiful enough, sweet enough, wise enough, strong and smart enough?
Does anyone see how you do your best with all that you have,
to deal with all that life offers you
and that you do the best possible with everything that you know?

Has anyone once said that you should take a break;
just rest because you do enough to be perfectly enough?
Does someone give you support and encouragement and say
It is all good, you may say no, you can make it, maintain,
let it go, whatever you do, I’m behind you?

Does anyone touch you very softly past your cheeks as you sleep
and remain at your bed, smiling and admiring you?
Does someone sings lullabies when you can’t sleep
and is someone holding you after bad dreams?
Is there someone happy when you get home, and wishes you success as you leave?

Is there anyone who hears the whispers of your dreams
and encourages you to go after them
And is standing beside you when you encounter obstacles along the way?
Is there anyone to celebrate your luck, laugh uncontrollably with you
and confront the blackest black with you?

Does someone find that all feelings that you feel may be there
and that all things pass, that a spring is there after winter?
Does anyone love every inch of your body;
every little bit of skin and any lean spot,
all that is whole and broke and healthy and ill?

Is there anyone who thinks you may relax, puff, fiddle,
play around, mess around without that ‘it should be’ something?
Is there anyone who welcomes you to sing false? Be crazier than crazy? May dance?
May wear weird clothes? Put on glitters if you like?
Should follow your own style and taste? Not have to follow the crowd?

May scream and laugh like an idiot,
Occasionally may hide? Eat as many chocolates as you want to?
Be noisy, colorful and uncommon?
Does anyone know for sure that your intuition is always right,
and that this is the compass you will hold on to?

Is there anyone who is happy that you exist,
and would never want to miss you because there is no one like you?
Does anyone know that you always do the best that you can
and does anybody think you do good enough
even if it could be done better tomorrow?

Is there anyone with whom you are at home and on adventure at the same time,
someone on whom you can build without being caught?
Is there anyone who tenderly whispers that you are as perfect as a sparrow, a snowflake,
a raindrop in the spring, a little kiss of a child?
Is there anyone who really loves you?

I wish now
That you’re the one.
I wish you the discovery
You were the one
That you have been waiting for.

Translated from Schrijvend tot jezelf komen – Saskia de Bruin

Author: Laura Coolen

Laura is a storyteller, passionate earthling, travel writer & free spirit. She is founder of The Boho Guide and travel blog What About Her, fascinated by mountains and always on the road for adventure. She loves cats, dresses, tattoos, wine and everything bohemian. Find her where the wild things are…

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