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MIND // How To Become More Positive (part 2)

  •  31/3/2017
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How To Become More Positive
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Being positive, it’s really a thing these days. It strikes me that a lot of people are extremely negative. However, you will notice that when you are being positive in life – you will feel better.

Even though everything around you seems disappointing, if you are able to look at these things with hope for the next day you have started the climb to a positive feeling. Positivity comes from within, and it’s up to you whether you let outside forces take grip on that! In this article I’ve shared 3 tips to become more positive in life. Looking for more positivity? I’ve got some extra tips for you!

Be selfless sometimes

Try to do something completely selfless at a daily base. It may be something that you do for someone else and where you expect absolutely nothing in return. It works. Help a granny with her groceries. Take muffins to your work and share them. Helping others has a big impact on your positive state of mind.


Laugh. When everything seems to fall apart around you, smile like you mean it. Even though you don’t feel it that way. People are naturally social creatures and even in the most awkward situations starting positive interaction with other people does help you feel more positive.

Experience positive values

Experience the positive and beautiful moments in life. It’s just not possible to continue racing around in a negative vote. When you consistently experience positive values you will end up more positive. Post motivational quotes in your work environment, write something beautiful to yourself at the mirror. Listen to your favorite music. And look around you. A bright sun, a colourful flower popping up amidst all of the chaos, a child that waves at you. Stop with what you are doing every three hours and look around. Appreciate the things you normally just take for granted.

What do you do to become more positive in life? Share your tips in the comments!

Author: Laura Coolen

Laura is a storyteller, passionate earthling, travel writer & free spirit. She is founder of The Boho Guide and travel blog What About Her, fascinated by mountains and always on the road for adventure. She loves cats, dresses, tattoos, wine and everything bohemian. Find her where the wild things are…

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