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severn suzuki

INSPIRATION // 13-Year Old Severn Suzuki Speaks At United Nations Meeting

The 13-year old Canadian girl Severn Suzuki calls at a meeting of the United Nations for the future of her generation. She translates the feelings and thoughts of 99% of the world’s population. This was in 1992. Don’t you think that makes the story even more impressive?

Healthy Mexican Wrap

FOOD // Healthy Mexican Wraps

Yay for healthy lunches! I love international food and especially Mexican wraps taste so good. Today I share my recipe of a healthy Mexican wrap that is ideal eat for lunch. Yummm!

around the world in 5 minutes

TRAVEL // Travel Around The World In 5 Minutes

We stumbled upon a beautiful movie of photographer Kien Lam. Kien Lam is a great photographer who travels all over the world. It’s not a typical travel movie with picture perfect scenes… But it makes you want to travel the world for sure. We love it!


This year Kindred Spirits is present again at Rock Werchter festival, and we would like to give you the chance to party with us! Take a chance on winning two Rock Werchter festival tickets, a pair of kilim boots for you and your friend ánd a beautiful Kindred Spirits rug to decorate your tent and get that boho vibe going!

MEET THE STORYTELLER // Meet Adventurous Neon, Born And Raised in Africa

Hi Kindred Spirits, I am Neon. One of my earliest childhood memories is about that time me and my younger brother got chased by an elephant in the Kaokoveld.

FOOD // De Koffiefilters – How To Make Your Own Coffee Syrup

Hi, we are Richt & Regina! We are the strength behind the Dutch concept De Koffiefilters. Today we will share our secret recipe of how to make your own coffee syrup with you. Don’t tell anyone!

Leonor living in Berlin

MEET THE STORYTELLER // Leonor Feels Right At Home In Creative Berlin

Hi Kindred Spirits, my name is Leonor – I’m from Amsterdam; ending up living in Berlin for a while now. I’m happy to share some of my observations and inspiring moments with you!

TRAVEL // Hotspot – Riad Le Rihani, Marrakech: Real Beauty Is Hidden Behind

Riad Le Rihani is definitely the kind of place where you want to stay when visiting Marrakech! When Cecile and her husband laid eyes on this place it was love on first sight. And we can understand why…

MUSIC // Music Monday III

Every two weeks we will share five of our favorite music songs with you. We love listening to music; alone, together, during a road trip, while working, while being happy or sad… it’s feelings translated in songs. Music moves people of all cultures!

tour life all the kings daughters

INSPIRATION // Travel Tales & Tour Life of ATKD – Part One

We are Nina and Laura from the band ATKD and we love to share some travel tales about our tour life. Last year we went on a tour through the south of Italy and did 14 shows in 16 days…