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vivian living in bali yoga teacher

MIND // Vivian, a Dutch Yoga Teacher In Bali: How Living in Bali Changed Me

I am living in Bali for two years now. Bali changed me. I found myself. I feel calm. Another big change is my point of view of a lot of things. I finally feel myself, although it took me a long time before I dared to start teaching yoga…

Bali Vivian

MEET THE STORYTELLER // Vivian – A Yogi Living in Bali

Hi Kindred Spirits! My name is Vivian. I can’t wait to go on this new adventure and join #TheKindreds tribe. I am a yoga teacher living in Bali.

yoga maggie

MEET THE STORYTELLER // Yoga Teacher Maggie

Hi Kindred Spirits! My name is Maggie, born on Earth Day (April 22nd 1980). I am a Yoga teacher and I can’t wait to share my stories with you. Let me introduce myself!