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music monday

MUSIC // Music Monday IV

Music is a language, and as we love to tell you a story – so listen to our five favorite songs of the week.

MUSIC // Music Monday III

Every two weeks we will share five of our favorite music songs with you. We love listening to music; alone, together, during a road trip, while working, while being happy or sad… it’s feelings translated in songs. Music moves people of all cultures!

tour life all the kings daughters

INSPIRATION // Travel Tales & Tour Life of ATKD – Part One

We are Nina and Laura from the band ATKD and we love to share some travel tales about our tour life. Last year we went on a tour through the south of Italy and did 14 shows in 16 days…

music monday

MUSIC // Music Monday II

It’s Music Monday again! Music is a language and we love to tell you a story. Go listen to our five favorite songs of the week!

All The Kings Daughters

MEET THE STORYTELLER // All The Kings Daughters – Nina & Laura

Hello kindred spirits of the world! We’re Nina and Laura Philips from the band All The Kings Daughters and we’re here to tell you some stories about the life of a musician.

MUSIC // Music Monday

Did you know that music making is part of what makes humans human? Music gets under your skin. It creates strong feelings. We love music, so we share music!