As most of our materials come from Mother Nature, some are more sustainable than others. Our commitment is to stay true to the premium quality that our customers have come to love and expect of us. We do this whilst creating from the most sustainable resources possible.


Our Sneaker Collection and kilim rugs are lovingly made from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton. To preserve soil health, this cotton is organically grown, without harmful pesticides or fertilizers. In addition, no heavy chemicals are used during the dyeing process. This GOTS certification also guarantees fair trade conditions, where all employees work in a safe and healthy environment, and earn living wages.


Do you think that recycling and reusing old materials sounds exciting? We do! Whilst being a simple idea, it is one of the most effective sustainability practices, and something we find fascinating and inspiring. We at Kindreds have been recycling old materials since the vey beginning, with our “kiboots” footwear collection. Our skilled local contacts in Morocco and Turkey collect vintage rugs that are beyond repair. They are cleaned and upcycled into the boots you come to love from us.


Fun fact: did you know that several of our accessories, such as our poncho capes and scarfs actually start their life as a tree? The technical term for the fabric is cellulose fibers – our forest fabrics include viscose, rayon, Tencel and modal. They are all derived from wood pulp. The beauty of this sustainable raw material is that wood pulp is a completely renewable resource, which means that forest fabrics have their place in the sustainability story. When sourced from sustainably-managed forests, they are produced in an eco-responsible way to ensure a low environmental impact on the planet.


We are a lover of linen and use it often along with cotton for an attractive look and feel. From its amazing quality to its versatility to its sustainability benefits, we are keen to continue this romance we have with linen.


We try to stay environmentally-friendly, with minimal impact by using eco-friendly leathers. We use vegetable-tanned leathers made without the use of harmful chemicals such as chromium, with no synthetic top finish. By using vegetable-tanned leather, your boots and bags will not stay flawless and smooth, and will age beautifully over time. No leather bag is the same.


At Kindreds, we use high-quality polyurethane-blend synthetic leather, which is phthalates-free. This strong, staining and scratching-resistant material is easy to clean. For those who care about animal welfare as much as they do about the planet, this is the very best alternative to leather currently available.

We continue to look for new avenues of sustainable vegan sourcing opportunities. For instance, material made from mushrooms or pineapples leaves can be suitable alternatives to animal-based materials. In this way, we can make our products from plant-based sources with no environmental issues whilst still having the durability to last for generations.

We have an excellent partner in Istanbul who has specialized in eco-friendly vegan leather for over 40 years. We are proud to have such expertise on our team.


When finding materials with which to package our products, we turned to recycled materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We are always looking for the best packing materials that are also strong enough to transport your favorite Kindred products safely to your door

All of our ateliers and our raw material suppliers are within the European Union and within a few driving hours from one another. In this way, we are able to produce our products with not only a low carbon footprint, but we are able to also bundle our deliveries via ground shipping to our warehouse within days.

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