Phulkari Keychain

Phulkari Keychain
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    After the terrifying Tsunami of 2004 a group of brave women from a small town called Panjab decided to bundle their forces for the reconstruction of their once so demolished land. By creating a keychain that traditionally symbolizes the opening of new doors, these women have succeeded to create a new national symbol for remembering the loss of many loved ones. Whenever asking a random Indian to show their keys, you will always be faced with these unique keychains. By purchasing the Phulkari keychain you automatically financially support these women and the reconstruction of India. Handmade in Punjab, India Recycled Brass One size: 2,5cm width 9,5cm height 12cm length / 3,5cm width

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    Recycled brass


Color brass

Size one size

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Phulkari Keychain

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